Saturday, June 5, 2010

The "Innocent Prisoner's Dilemma"

This video is a fascinating look behind the moral dilemma faced by prisoners who claim innocence.


  1. That is a sad state to be in. The guy's right how do you say you're sorry for something you didn't do. If you agree and say you're sorry just so you can get out, then you can't claim innocents anymore.

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  2. What a sad story the whole affair is; to know that the judge would have let him go! It was an interesting experiment by the prisoner to see if he "gave them what they wanted," i.e. "remorse," maybe they'd finally let him out. That didn't work, either.

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  3. What type of action can US prisoners take to have a conviction overturned? Heather

  4. AKAmamma,

    It certainly isn't easy to get a conviction overturned. A prisoner would most likely have to have an attorney working on the case, preparing an appeal.