Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marilyn Levinson, Author of A MURDERER AMONG US

I'm thrilled to have Mystery & Children's Books Author Marilyn Levinson, the President of Long Island Sisters in Crime, as my guest blogger today. 
Congratulations, Marilyn, and much success on the release of your latest novel, A Murderer Among Us. 

Kathy, I’m happy to be your guest blogger today.  I was fortunate to meet Kathy when she joined the Long Island chapter of Sisters in Crime that I co-founded last summer with my friend and fellow writer, Bernardine Fagan.  Kathy became a valuable asset -- helping us with all things police-related, PR, Facebook, and Twitter.  We’re a friendly, informal group of mystery writers who meet in various libraries around Long Island.  Our meetings vary from month to month.  We’ve been fortunate to have two wonderful writer guests so far -- Hank Phillippi Ryan and Reed Farrel Coleman.  We critique, try to fathom the mystery of writing mysteries, publishing, and marketing, and support one another wholeheartedly.  We welcome all Long Island mystery writers to come and join us.
My mystery novel, A MURDERER AMONG US, debuted on June first.  My sleuth, Lydia Krause, has moved to Twin Lakes, an upscale retirement community on Long Island, to start a new life.  Lydia’s appalled when her neighbor introduces her to the community’s financial advisor, a convicted embezzler whom Lydia holds responsible for having driven her sister to suicide. She exposes the man in public and exchanges heated words with his wife, who is discovered the following morning, mowed down by Lydia’s Lexus. Suddenly, Lydia is Suspect Number One. Employing the many skills she’s honed as CEO of her own company, Lydia undertakes an investigation to prove her innocence.
The book is about new beginnings.  Widowed and no longer in charge of her company, Lydia forges new friendships.  Her relationships with her grown daughters take unexpected turns.  She even finds herself in a budding romance.  Life, Lydia learns, marches on.
A MURDERER AMONG US is available at Wings ePress in print and eBook format. will soon be available on, Kindle, and

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If you’d like to know more about Long Island Sisters in Crime, feel free to contact me at Marilev4 (at) optonline (dot) net. 

Thanks, Marilyn, for visiting today, and your very kind words. I enjoy being a member of Long Island Sisters in Crime. As a relatively new group, I think we're off to a smashing start, if I say so myself!

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  1. New beginnings is a great trope for a mystery series.

  2. I wish I lived close to Long Island! I have a paperback of MURDERER AMONG US on the way. I must say, I think I have to have a copy of HINT FICTION, too. Thanks for the post, Marilyn and Kathleen!

  3. I've ordered your book, Marilyn, and look forward to reading it.

    We should point out that Sisters in Crime and all of its chapters are open to mystery readers, librarians, teachers -- anybody who loves mysteries! You don't have to be a writer to join. We have many non-writer members.

  4. I, too, have a copy of your book on the way, Marilyn, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    I'd like to add here that Marilyn has done a super job in organizing and running the Long Island Sisters in Crime Chapter. We have a wonderful group of people, and I always look forward to getting together with them.

  5. Thanks for stopping by today, Charles, Kaye, Sandra, and Elaine (and of course, Marilyn) ~ and for your support. Writers are such a supportive bunch :-)
    Thanks, Kaye, for your interest in Hint Fiction (Charles Gramlich and I both have stories in it) ~ if you get a copy, we'd of course love to hear your opinion.
    Sandra, that's a great point about the variety of members who join SinC chapters.
    I echo Elaine's sentiments about Marilyn & our group :-)
    Thanks again, Marilyn, for being a guest blogger today!

  6. This series sounds interesting, and how lucky you are to have such a great writers´ group. But as I don´t have any crime writers near me in real life, I am glad it is possible to find some online.