Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wilkie Collins

On this date in 1824, British novelist Wilkie Collins was born

T.S. Eliot described The Moonstone as the first and greatest of English detective novels.

A quote from The Woman in White seems to have stood the test of time:

"There are foolish criminals who are discovered, and wise criminals who escape.  The hiding of a crime, or the detection of a crime, what is it?  A trial of skill between the police on one side, and the individual on the other. When the criminal is a brutal, ignorant fool, the police, in nine cases out of ten, win.  When the criminal is a resolute, educated, highly-intelligent man, the police, in nine cases out of ten, lose."

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  1. Some things never change - fortunately, most criminals don't seem to be very smart :-)

  2. I agree, Li! Thanks for visiting today!