Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank-a-Cop-Thursday: US Marshals Locate Sex Offender

Today is "Thank-a-Cop-Thursday" on Twitter. The hashtag is #tacop. For the origin of #tacop, read here.

I'd like to thank the U.S. Marshals for locating a sex offender wanted by the Southampton Town Police, who was living in a storage facility in Islandia, New York. He had failed to register a new address since May. Read the Newsday coverage here. The sex offender had a bed, space heater, DVD player and television, and was drawing electricity from the storage facility.

If you're active on Twitter, don't forget to thank your favorite cops!


  1. Kathleen - Your post is an excellent reminder that the vast majority of cops care and knock themselves out to do their jobs well. I love it that those guys did not give up until they caught this perp. By the way, I like the law enforcement news on your sidebar.

  2. Hi Margot,
    So many times, the media is quick to report the "bad" news about cops. Most cops do an awesome job on a daily basis and rarely get a pat on the back. I'm thrilled that Mike started #tacop ~ it's so positive!
    I usually pick up very interesting stories on the Law Enforcement news.