Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery Monday: The Murders of Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman

F. Lee Bailey has just released what he calls "new evidence" proving O.J. Simpson's innocence of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Bailey was one of Simpson's defense attorneys in the high-profile 1995 trial.

It is a 46-page document on his web site, entitled, "The Simpson Verdict." (photo source: Bailey and Elliott Consulting.)

I've always wondered, if O.J. didn't do it, who the heck did? (I know they brought up some nonsense about drug dealers, but it was laughable). On June 12, 1994, someone wanted to kill Nicole, and Ron was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I watched most of the televised trial and of course the verdict. I couldn't believe it when one of the jurors, Brenda Moran, interviewed after the verdict, said, "This was a murder trial, not domestic abuse. If you want to get tried for domestic abuse, go in another courtroom and get tried for that." Moran told People magazine that the prosecution's suggestion that Simpson went from being an abusive spouse to a killer was "a waste of time."

What planet was she residing on?

What do you think?

(O.J. currently sits in jail after being convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault charges in Las Vegas. In December 2008, Simpson was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison.)


  1. Kathleen - Whatever actually happened on the day that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered, nothing excuses domestic abuse. And it is frightening to think how often and how easily abuse can lead to murder.

  2. He did it, and he would do it again given the right circumstances. The robbery shows he thought he could get away with anything. DNA was just too new for the jury to understand--plus it was not a jury of his peers, they may have been black, but they certainly didn't live where he lived or in the style he lived in.

  3. Hi Margot,
    You make an excellent point -nothing excuses it, and it certainly is frightening.

    Hi Marilyn,
    I agree, I think he's guilty as sin. It's embarrassing that a jury acquitted him, and so quickly, too. They were motivated to acquit for other reasons.

  4. It was always hard to imagine OJ doing it but wild emotions can sure change a person's personality. it would be nice to know the truth. Maybe OJ will confess one day.

  5. Hi Charles,
    I'm still stunned that OJ would attempt to write a bizarre book such as "If I Did It." What a mess that project turned out to be. I doubt he ever will, but I hope he does come clean one day, too.