Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Twosome

It's time for "Tuesday Twosome" at Women of Mystery.

If you're game, post two sentences you've read recently, and two that you've written, and notify Clare, my blogmate at Women of Mystery. She'll update her post to include a link to yours -- or you can join in here, if you like!

Or, simply add it in the comments.

Two from "The Story of the Stabbing" by Joyce Carol Oates, from The Dark End of the Street: New Stories of Sex and Crime by Today's Top Authors, edited by Jonathan Santlofer and S. J. Rozan:

Rhonda knew better than to draw attention to herself, however -- though Daddy loved his sweet little pretty girl Daddy could be harsh and hurtful if Daddy was displeased with his sweet little pretty girl so Rhonda fixed for herself a very thick sandwich of Swedish rye crisp crackers and French goat cheese to devour in a corner of the room looking out onto a bleak rain-streaked street not wanting to think how Daddy knew, yes Daddy knew but did not care.

That was the terrible fact about Daddy -- he knew, and did not care.


Two from my WIP, a true crime memoir:

When I tell the Reach to Recovery volunteer from the American Cancer Society that we intend to talk with our children about my breast cancer, she suggests discussing the subject of death, for this particular reason: if a child tells a classmate that his or her mom has breast cancer, the classmate may reply: "My mom had it, too, but she died."

Her point is well-taken; one of my son's first-grade classmates had already lost her mother to breast cancer -- and three years from now, the disease will claim yet another classmate's mother.



  1. Oh, it is difficult to say if that father or the breast cancer is most scary.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Dorte. I enjoyed my visit with your Kickinbottoms this week!