Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Sentence Tuesday

Today is Two Sentence Tuesday at Women of Mystery -- if you're unfamiliar with this weekly event, here's how it works: Either on your own blog or in the comment section at WoM, post two sentences you've read, and two sentences you've written. It's that easy!

Two from the 2010 Best Mystery Novel Macavity Award winner, TOWER by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman:

Grayness burned away by the sun like a match through dark acetate. Still cold as an icehouse, but to feel the sun on my face was redemption, if only temporary.
Two from my true crime memoir, A Perfect Night for Murder -- still a W-I-P!

Throughout dozens of interviews, a single thread pierced the fabric of every conversation concerning communication between family members, spouses, children, friends, and neighbors of the historic harbor enclave in the 1950s: residents simply avoided talking about unpleasant or uncomfortable things — as if they didn’t exist.

I also learned that infidelity, spousal and child abuse, and alcoholism was rampant; these painful experiences created silent suffering for its victims.

Join us ~ share 2 + 2, this and every Tuesday. If you've been been meaning to write, this gives you a great excuse to get to it -- at the very least, two sentences -- and you never know where that might lead!


  1. Good sentences, Kathleen. So true about not discussing the unpleasant.

  2. Thanks, Leah. I'm sure it still rings true all these decades later, although thank goodness more awareness exists and more laws are in effect.
    Thanks for visiting today! I look forward to reading more BLOOD LOVE.

  3. From KEEPING THE DEAD by Tess Gerritsen.
    "But you know that," he said quietly.
    "Yes, I know that," she said. And that mistake will haunt me until the day I die.

    From my short story:

    “Where the hell is the blood?” he asked quietly.
    “I don’t know,” I mumbled and looked around again as if I might see something new. “How the hell could you beat two women to death and not have blood everywhere?”

  4. Great to hear about *your* work. I haven´t written a thing this week (a loooong, yucky flu), and today I even received a rejection from an agent. Well, I am sure tomorrow will be better.

  5. Hey Leigh!
    That Tess Gerritsen book sounds great :-)

    Ahhh...THAT is the question! Where is the blood?

    Hi Dorte,
    I'm saddened to hear you've had the flu, and then a rejection on top of that! It is the agent's loss ~ you are a treasure, my dear. One step closer to the agent who will say yes. Hang in there...wishing you much brighter days ahead :-)