Wednesday, December 1, 2010

War Story Wednesday - A Masked Intruder

A frightened family in a residential area awoke to loud, strange noises in the lower level of their home during the early morning hours. They called 911 and remained upstairs until patrol officers arrived.

The family members let us in. Guns drawn, we checked out the house. It turned out to be a raccoon that came in via the chimney, landing in the fireplace. The critter ran across the piano keys, tried desperately to find a way out (ruining some window treatments in the process), and scared the heck out of the occupants.

We were relieved the bandit was a four-legged one, who was promptly shown the door. The family probably replaced or repaired their chimney cap the next day.

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  1. I'm hoping we don't get one of these down our chimney. Our Racoon visitors are too fat to fit I think

  2. Wouldn't that be a pickle? I remember when a body was recovered from a chimney...they certainly do get stuck...This critter certainly panicked in his quest to get the heck out of that house. I guess he knew he wasn't going back up the way he fell down...luckily a fire wasn't burning at the time.