Monday, May 10, 2010

National Police Week 2010

This week (May 9-15, 2010) is "National Police Week," the annual tribute to law enforcement service and sacrifice that is held each year in May in Washington, D.C. Memorials are also held locally, regionally, and statewide; some sponsor "Open House" week, SWAT demonstrations, etc. The schedule of events are listed here. New names of those who died in the line of duty are added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial monument each spring. You can follow the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) on Twitter: @NLEOMF, or join them on Facebook.

The NLEOMF website features Glen Ciano, a Suffolk County Police Officer, who was killed February 22, 2009. I had the honor of working with Glen in the Second Precinct in Huntington. Glen was a respected officer who is deeply missed by his loving family, friends, and colleagues. Officer Ciano's name will be added to the memorial this week. An emotional video of Glen's funeral is on YouTube. I stood among thousands of fellow officers in a long blue line, gathered to pay final respects to a fine officer. You can join the Suffolk County Police Officers Memorial page on Facebook or follow on Twitter: @scpdmemorial.

C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors), a non-profit organization that helps the surviving members of fallen police officers, encourages the display of blue ribbons on car antennas. They distribute over one million blue ribbons prior to National Police Week to law enforcement agencies to display on cruiser antennas. Citizens are also encouraged to tie royal blue ribbons on their car antennas. The ribbons are a reminder of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and in honor of men and women who serve their community 24/7. You can follow C.O.P.S. on Twitter: @nationalcops or visit their Facebook page.


  1. I didn't realize this was the week!

  2. I still can't believe it's May! I believe it usually occurs during the week of the 15th. When it falls on a weekend, I'm not sure how they figure it out. The SCPD is also celebrating its 50th anniversary. The dept was born on January 1, 1960. I've included the history of the department in my book. It took the murder of a grandmother to consolidate 27 law enforcement agencies.
    You were in my thoughts yesterday, Charles, I know it couldn't have been an easy day for you.

  3. Kathleen - Thanks for calling our attention to this. I don't think most people realize how much police officers risk, nor how much their families lose, when they die in the line of duty.

  4. Hi Margot,
    I just visited SCPD HQ today, they have Police Week every May, where busloads of kids come to visit and see demonstrations, 911, the police museum, and the last day is a Memorial service. I'll be attending this Friday, and we're expecting over 700 retirees, since the dept is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the department. I briefly cover the history of the dept in my book, as it plays a significant role in the story.
    Thanks for visiting today ~ I appreciate it!