Friday, September 17, 2010

Cyber Creeps

Stop Cyber Creeps
Via: The Steel Method

I think this is a great poster. I wish it could be posted in every school.

For more information on Internet Crimes Against Children, check here.


  1. Makes me sigh that such has to be, but I agree, it should be widely posted.

  2. Kathleen - Thanks for sharing this poster. You're right that it needs to be posted everywhere. So sad that there are low-lives like that out there..

  3. Hi Charles and Margot,
    It's a sad reality that these predators are out there. Kids spend a lot of time online, and they are usually trusting and believe that the people they are corresponding with are who they say they are, and it's just not the case all the time. The predators who used to visit parks, school yards, malls, etc. are finding them online ~ easily. Every parent should be talking to their child about this if they haven't already.

  4. This is a great poster, and an important post. It's definitely something I'm sharing with my kids. Thanks, Kathleen!

  5. Hi le0pard13,
    You're so welcome ~ it supplies an opportunity to discuss it. No matter how many times I talk to my kids about it, they still manage to give out too much info occasionally; they can be very trusting. Predators count on that, too.

  6. Being on the internet can be like wearing a mask. If you wouldn't trust a person hiding behind a costume, you shouldn't trust an internet alias.

    But what if I'm not a Cyber Creep, so to speak, I'm just online annoying you? : ) You're going to wish there was a poster for that!

  7. Hi Clare,

    That is a great analogy ~ I like that! Great point.

    With all this technology, the law has had to try to keep pace regarding internet harassment and cyberstalking. I think they're making it up as we go along, as problems become evident.