Wednesday, September 22, 2010

War Story Wednesday - The Frozen Hot Dog

Welcome to another installment of War Story Wednesday. Please feel free to share a war story, or include a link where readers can find your war story.

Today's flashback is about a call I handled in 1988. It was an unusual aided case (someone who is sick or injured). Among the volunteer firemen who responded to this call after my arrival included the man I would marry less than a year later.

It seems the complainant (the person calling the police), a twenty-something woman, was in a predicament. She had a frozen hot dog stuck to the delicate skin of an orifice south of the border.

I remember wondering why she didn't just let it defrost.

The guys loaded her up in the ambulance and took her to the hospital.

I always knew my courting days with my husband were unique.


  1. Kathleen - Oh, what a story! You do have to wonder why she wouldn't have let it defrost, but then, people use hot dogs in all sorts of - er - dishes. Thanks for sharing and yes, it sounds like you and your husband had a unique courtship...

  2. Hi Margot,
    I love your sense of humor!
    I can't help but wonder what it must sound like when I tell people about the calls Joe and I both responded to; this, of course, was one of the more memorable ones. Our first date was 8/8/88; acc. to Chinese folklore, one of the luckiest days of the century. I took it as a good sign when I heard it on the news as I got ready for our date.

  3. Please tell me this caller wasn't blonde. Love the story.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Hi Mason,
    Thanks for the chuckle! I don't recall the color of her hair (I won't elaborate any further on that one) ~ I'll have to ask my husband, I bet he remembers!

    Hi Charles,
    Another fine solution! I still can't believe she called 911. Joe said they certainly weren't touching it ~ it was a job for the hospital because of that delicate skin. I guess she never watched A Christmas Story.