Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank-a-Cop-Thursday: Dancing Traffic Cop

Today is "Thank-a-Cop-Thursday" on Twitter (using the hashtag #tacop).

I'd like to thank the NYPD Dancing Traffic Cop Wil Bert Castillo for having a great attitude and some pretty awesome moves.

For more information on #tacop, read this article on


  1. He's great. That's one way to make an otherwise boring job, very interesting plus good exercise.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Hi Mason,
    I agree! He's having a lot of fun, which makes the day go by ~ and you're right, he's fitting in some good exercise!

  3. Kathleen - Thanks for this! What a tonic :-). Nice reminder that the vast majority of cops work hard and really care about their jobs. I love this guy's attitude and his love for life.

  4. Hi Margot,

    Isn't it wild? It's nice to see a "good guy" story...there are too many sad stories out there. It's an uplifting one!